Meet the Code Wizards Behind The Great Library: The Developers!
The Great Library's team is uniquely equipped to turn the pages of your favorite books into immersive, interactive gaming experiences.
Lead Developer Kazuya Nomura brings over five years of experience in blockchain applications and eight years of experience in web apps to the team. With a passion for creative development and a focus on high-quality results, Kazuya is always working to improve the development process and communication within the team.
Lead Unity Developer Collin Brown has over eight years of experience in both cooperative and independent development, including work on blockchain and Unity Development. With a background that spans a wide range of software technologies, Collin has a proven track record of delivering complex games and applications. His personal projects include Age of Kingdom, a battle strategy game, and Critical Ops, a multiplayer FPS game.
Smart Contract Developer Akira Humada is a senior blockchain engineer with over six years of experience in web development and five years of experience in blockchain development. With deep knowledge of both web and smart contract technology, Akira has worked with several different blockchain platforms and technologies, including Ethereum, CosWasm, and Solana.
Full-Stack Web Developer Leon Kanei brings over five years of experience in creating engaging and cohesive web experiences to The Great Library. Skilled in a range of technologies, including Javascript/Typescript, Web3/Ethers, and React.js, Leon has worked on a variety of projects, from decentralized yield farming protocols to financial data companies.
At The Great Library, our developers work tirelessly to turn the books you love into immersive gaming experiences, blending the best of both worlds and introducing you to a whole new way to enjoy your favorite titles.