The Great Library Team

Meet the Dream Team Behind The Great Library: A Collection of Visionaries, Creatives, and Technologists
We are a group of talented individuals with a passion for creativity and innovation. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from various backgrounds including blockchain development, game development, smart contract development, and web development. We also have talented authors who bring a unique perspective to the table.
Our CEO, Jason Palmer, brings a wealth of experience in managing a portfolio of vendors and controlling business spend, while ensuring everyone is working in harmony. Our lead developer, Kazuya Nomura, is a creative and passionate individual who always strives to improve development processes.
Collin Brown, our lead Unity developer, has a wealth of experience in game development and blockchain technology. Akira Humada, our smart contract developer, has expertise in a range of blockchain technologies.
Our full-stack web developer, Leon Kanei, has a knack for creating cohesive and engaging experiences for clients. Our authors, Lawrence Stanley and John R Raymond, bring unique perspectives to the table and strive to entertain and bring understanding between different beliefs and ideologies.
Together, we are dedicated to creating an immersive gaming experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. By combining our skills and expertise, we aim to revolutionize the gaming industry and bring new and exciting experiences to players everywhere.