A Great Roadmap

Discover Our Path to Revolutionizing the Publishing Industry with Web3 Technology
Our vision for The Great Library is a platform where readers and authors alike can experience the joy of reading and writing in a way that is fair, fun, and rewarding. To make this vision a reality, we have a clear roadmap that outlines the steps we will take to bring The Great Library to life.
Here's a brief overview of our roadmap:

Phase 1 (Q1-Q2 2023): Platform Development

  • Building the foundation of the platform, including the user interface and back-end systems.
  • Creating and launching Culture Coin, our NFT-based currency.
  • Developing the NFTs that will form the backbone of our platform, including digital books, collectibles, and game items.

Phase 2 (Q3-Q4 2023): Game Integration

  • Integrating our platform with popular games, such as MMORPGs and strategy games.
  • Allowing users to earn Culture Coin through in-game activities and challenges.
  • Creating a marketplace where users can trade NFTs and other digital items with one another.

Phase 3 (Q1-Q2 2024): Publishing Partnership

  • Partnering with top publishers and literary agents to bring their authors and books to The Great Library.
  • Offering authors a fair and lucrative royalty system, as well as the ability to create their own NFTs.
  • Allowing readers to discover new books and authors through our platform.

Phase 4 (Q3-Q4 2024): Global Expansion

  • Expanding our platform to global markets and localizing our offerings.
  • Building partnerships with local publishers and authors to bring their works to The Great Library.
  • Providing users with the ability to read books in their native languages.
This roadmap is not set in stone, and we will continue to refine and update it as we progress. However, it gives you a good idea of the direction we're headed and the exciting milestones we're looking forward to hitting along the way.
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