BENJI: A Google Doc Add-On for Authors

Unleash Your Writing Potential with Benji: The AI Cat for Authors!
Benji, a cat wearing glasses, holds up his pen
Benji the AI Cat
BENJI is a powerful writing tool for authors looking to take their writing to the next level. As a Google Doc add-on, BENJI integrates seamlessly with your writing process and provides a suite of features to help you improve your writing.
With BENJI, authors can take advantage of OpenAI's toolkit for summarizing, editing, creating blurbs, and receive automated critiques and rewrites. This allows authors to quickly identify areas for improvement and hone their writing style.
In addition to its powerful writing tools, BENJI also offers lower fees than traditional publishing models, providing a fairer return for authors. With the ability to reach a wider audience and build a loyal fanbase through exclusive merchandise and collectible books, authors can take their writing career to the next level with BENJI.
And for those looking to participate in the Culture Coin program, BENJI makes it easy for authors to get additional exposure and rewards for their writing. Whether you're a seasoned author or just starting out, BENJI is the tool you need to take your writing to the next level.
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