Burning $CC

Culture Coin: Understanding the Burn Policy
In the world of Culture Coin, there's a unique twist to the typical token model. With every transaction made on the Great Library platform, a portion of Culture Coin is burned. This means that with each transaction, the supply of Culture Coin decreases, making it a truly scarce asset.
So, just how much Culture Coin is burned with each transaction? It depends. For most transactions, at least 1% of the Culture Coin used will be burned, but for some transactions, up to 100% of the Culture Coin used can be burned.
Why is Culture Coin burnt? By reducing the overall supply of Culture Coin, the value of each remaining token is increased, making it more valuable to holders. Additionally, the burn policy incentivizes users to carefully consider how they use their Culture Coin, as excessive spending will ultimately lead to a decrease in their overall holdings.
So, if you're ready to make a transaction on The Great Library, be prepared to say goodbye to a portion of your Culture Coin. But don't worry, the benefits of participating in the platform and holding a scarce asset more than make up for the temporary loss.